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Our company is your one stop shop where you can buy top quality private label white label herbal supplements at the lowest wholesale prices with very short lead times

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The ultimate diet formulas burning calories, reducing appetite while energizing the body and the mind.

Innovative products designed to provide male enhancement and improve sex performance and overall male health

Supplements manufactured in UK and using only the best pharmaceutical grade herbal ingredients.

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Our product manufacturing and marketing expertise has set the standard in weight loss, skin care and health. Our existing product solutions have retail market acceptance in USA, Europe and Africa.

Wholesale Supplements are manufactured in UK and is using only the best pharmaceutical grade herbal ingredients ensuring our formulations are amongst the strongest in the market place today.

All wholesale supplement formulations are manufactured under strict guidelines in an ISO 9001, EPA and FDA Registered environment to ensure a finished product that meets all necessary safety standards.

We offer the lowest price for you, and you can place a mixed wholesale order.

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Our company is your one stop shop where you can buy the worlds top quality herbal products at the lowest wholesale prices. Lead times for new formulas starting at just 2 days, we also welcome clients needing "just in time manufacturing. All of our heath care products are formulated by a highly qualified chemist and produced in the UK, and in the USA for our US clients. Our niche market strengths are due to producing in-house - low minimums on supplement manufacturing, allowing companies to buy small amounts of new formula's so they can test the market and build a brand without major investment.


At our impressive, state of the art manufacturing facility in the UK & USA, We have invested in technology that allows us to manufacture both high and low volume products whilst maintaining flexibility and competitively for both tablet compression and encapsulation. As the market and our customers continue to grow, we are well placed to respond with increased capacity to expand and enhance our capabilities further. This is vital in helping our partners to quickly respond to market changes and to capitalize on shifting demands.





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